ProAmp 8 Amplifier

Available only through select professional installers
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Our first multi-channel amplifier. This brand new venture has been designed and manufactured in-house and becomes the perfect partner for neo video matrices and ProAudio DSP pre-amps.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it is just another Amp, we are well known for going the extra mile with features and the ProAmp does not disappoint with features such as Web UI, in-built subwoofer control, 12V trigger and DSP controls. Plus, supporting Dolby Audio and enabling a home theatre zone to be created alongside your multi-room audio all in one system.

Manufacturer: Pulse-Eight


• 1x Dolby 5.1 SPDIF Input mappable to 6 surround sound channels or stereo-downmixing
• 2x RCA Line Level Outputs for stereo subwoofer or 2x mono subwoofers
• Full DSP Control
• 8x Stereo L/R Inputs
• 8x Stereo Phoenix Connector Outputs
• Global Input/Bridge Mode
• RS232
• 12V Trigger 
• Web Interface
• Built In Britain