Manufacturing that's Sustainable

Here’s how we’re reducing our environmental impact to support a sustainable future.

Recyclable Packaging

We’ve moved away from non-recyclable foam inserts within our packaging and replaced them with cardboard. 

We have also reduced the volume taken up with our packaging allowing us to reduce the CO2 by volume in our logistics network.

SMT Recycling

Parts are supplied generally in plastic reels. We’re encouraging our suppliers to move to cardboard to allow easier recycling. Plus, where possible we’ve also worked with our suppliers to send all the plastic carriers back to them to ensure we and they are recycling as much as possible. 

We’ve also worked with our suppliers to send all plastic component trays back to them to ensure we and they are recycling as much as possible  

Anodising, Always

Instead of painting our products, we anodise them. This only requires electricity (and a few simple chemicals) to do, has no harmful waste and results in an easy to recycle material at the end of the product’s lifecycle.

Standard Parts

We try to use off the shelf products as much as possible. Items such as fans and power supplies are the same found in your Desktop PC. This means they are easily replaceable if they ever wear out and easily recycled at the end of the product’s lifecycle.

Moving In-house

By vertically integrating our production process we can massively reduce our carbon footprint. Not least by reducing the travel miles visiting external suppliers and the emissions created transporting these sub-assemblies across the planet.

Metal Recycling

We’ve switched from Steel to Aluminium on all our enclosures. This helps with weight which reduces our carbon footprint. Aluminium is widely recycled helping us avoid adding to landfill. 

Less Paper

To save paper, we’ve now digitised our manuals. We continue to provide a quick setup guide to refresh your memory during installation. This change cuts down our paper usage but also ensures we don’t have out of date manuals that may need to be destroyed. The most up-to-date instructions from our comprehensive documentation portal.