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Intel NUC HDMI-CEC Adapter

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Integrate our ever popular CEC technology inside your NUC, using the existing stock enclosure!

Our latest generation of HDMI-CEC communication hardware has been specifically designed to fit inside the standard NUC enclosure between the WiFi mPCI Board and the Memory modules.

This adapter will allow your TV to turn the NUC on from S5 (cold boot) and S3 (suspend), additionally turning the NUC on can wake the TV from its standby.

Remote control signals from your TV remote are sent via the HDMI cable into the NUC allowing you to control any application on the desktop using Up/Down/Left/Right keys on your TV remote control.

Deep integration with Kodi provides the richest experience possible.

This adapter also supports EventGhost and Windows Media Centre.

Compatible with Windows, Linux (including OpenELEC) and Mac OS X.
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USB - CEC Adapter

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USD $44.60

Ultimate control

Control your TV, Amplifier and/or Blu-ray Player from Kodi!


Or control Kodi from your TV remote, condense all your remote controls into 1 device!

Works on HDMI 2.0a and HDMI 2.0b cables and devices

Our technology works on all versions of HDMI, including HDMI 2.0a we don't interfere with the video signal in any way

Compatible with Windows, Linux (including OpenELEC) and Mac OS X.