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CEC-less HDMI® Cable

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USD $10.14

A simple fix for devices that cause problems with your CEC network

If your PC or A/V device is causing interference with your CEC network then this cable will prevent that. Custom manufactured without the CEC wire, this will eliminate the device this cable is connected to from your CEC network.


Ideal on Set top boxes (such as Sky HD) which may send invalid voltages on the line.


*This cable is only 25cm long (+/- 15mm tolerance) and if required a standard HDMI® extension cable will work to extend the length.

Replacement Intel NUC Wiring Loom for Intel NUC CEC Adapter

Availability: Currently Unavailable
USD $9.22

Already have our NUC Adapter but upgrading to a new model? Each cable loom is designed for a different generation of NUC. If you are unsure which one you need, just ask.

USB 4pin to Type-A Adaptor

Availability: Currently Unavailable
USD $5.26

Internal Connectivity

Install a usb flash drive inside your case or hide away the RF dongle of your new Motorola Nyxboard Hybrid remote