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CEC-less HDMI® Cable

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A simple fix for devices that cause problems with your CEC network

If your PC or A/V device is causing interference with your CEC network then this cable will prevent that. Custom manufactured without the CEC wire, this will eliminate the device this cable is connected to from your CEC network.


Ideal on Set top boxes (such as Sky HD) which may send invalid voltages on the line.


*This cable is only 25cm long (+/- 15mm tolerance) and if required a standard HDMI® extension cable will work to extend the length.

Manufacturer: Pulse-Eight
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I bought this cable to overcome a problem when my Roku box was plugged into my Panasonic Tv. The Roku caused the Viera link to stop functioning when plugged in hence the Tv would no longer control my AV Receiver. (CEC always on from the Roku) This cable fixed the issue. Only down side was it could do with being a little longer otherwise a great product.