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HDMI libCEC Built In

Internal HDMI-CEC Adapter

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USD $29.73

HTPC Header

Designed for Intel DH61AG, DH77DF, DQ77KB and DN2800MT mainboards, this adapter will allow you to take advantage of the HTPC Header provided by Intel for Recording and HDMI-CEC functionality

Manufacturer: Pulse-Eight

Known supported Motherboards:

  • Intel DH61AG
  • Intel DH77DF
  • Intel DQ77KB
  • Intel DN2800MT


The following models are supported, but require modification to the supplied cable loom due to changes in the pinout on the motherboard

  • Intel NUC D54250WYK Kit

(please be aware before purchase that this item is non returnable/ non refundable unless faulty)

libCEC 3.0.0 (Includes Windows Driver)
Adapter Firmware (v7)