Digital to Analogue Audio Converter


With our digital to analogue audio converter, audio setups are capable of decoding connected S/PDIF coaxial or TOSLINK optical digital audio sources to standard analogue stereo (L/R) audio. Stereo output signals can then be fed to external devices such as an amplifier, Hi-Fi, recording deck or powered speakers via standard phono style (RCA) jacks.

The P8-DAC is a simple to install, low-cost solution for audio conversion requirements. It ensures a reliable transition from modern digital sources, such as DVD and Blu-Ray players or AppleTV, to analogue sound systems.

With both inputs and outputs for coaxial and optical connections, the P8-DAC provides the perfect solution for audio conversion requirements. 


Manufacturer: Pulse-Eight
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Key Features

  Converts S/PDIF digital audio (PCM) feed from a compatible device to an analogue stereo audio

  Accepts uncompressed digital audio input

  2-channel LPCM (Linear Pulse Code Modulation) at 32, 44.1 48, 96 & 196KHz

  24-bit S/PDIF incoming bitstream on left and right channels

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