Opto-coupling IR cable (Stereo -> Stereo)

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Manually coupling the IR transmitter and receiver buds together can be risky and lead to unreliable outcomes. With the OptoCable you can avoid this happening, whilst also having peace of mind that there will be a secure and direct connection between your IR control system (e.g. Control4) and our neo series of matrices.

Pulse-Eight offers two options. First, the Mono to Stereo solution, which converts any IR signals between a mono transmitter and stereo receiver. Second, the Stereo-to-Stereo Optocable which can be used with any of our neo matrices and where HDMI® outputs enable IR control using one of our extender sets. Another benefit of the Stereo-to-Stereo Optocable is that it can be used with Bang & Olufsen and Atlona products.

Manufacturer: Pulse-Eight
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*Please note that this product is designed to be used with Pulse-Eight products. Please contact us to find out if this product will be compatible with a 3rd party product before purchasing

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