Welcome to neo

neo makes it easy to share your source devices around the home, it's designed to be easy to setup and is connected to the cloud to stay up to date.

  • Ultra HD 4K

    Get stunning quality video everywhere, with a 340Mhz processing core, all widely used video formats are supported

  • libCEC

    Using our powerful CEC processing engine neo will control all of your source devices from your TV remote control, avoid nasty IR buds stuck to your TV

  • Parental Control

    Making sure kids go to what you want is always tricky, now with intelligent source restriction you can restrict access to the games console when they should be doing their homework or going to sleep

Video Distribution with built in Control

Video Distribution usually means you need a system like Control4, Crestron, AMX or RTI to control where video is sent,

with neo this is built in, you can use your mobile or tablet to access your Games Console or Satellite TV

  • Display Status

    See which TVs are on and who is watching what

  • Easy to Use

    Drag and drop controls make video switching easy

  • Night night

    One button press can turn all your TVs off

  • Rename your devices

    Set custom names for each of your Inputs, these appear in your TV source list

  • System Health

    See the status of each of your connected devices, is the Blu-ray player off or having an issue

  • Power Cut Recovery

    Security concious? After a powercut have all your TVs turn on and switch to the CCTV feed automatically

How It Works

Consolidate all your source devices in one place, but access them anywhere in the house

All of your source devices (Satellite TV, Xbox, Playstation, Blu-ray Player) are connected directly to neo, then connect our PoE receivers via Cat5e cable (or better) around your home directly to the TVs

  • Access all of your connected devices in any room, press the "Source" key on your TV remote and select which device to watch

  • Script events to control other home automation appliances, such as curtains, projector screens, lights or your HVAC

  • Turn off all your TVs by a single press when your leaving the house, schedule events to turn your TVs on while your away to deter intruders

  • Have your content follow you around the house, truely makes the unmissable, unmissable

Additional Features

neo is constantly improving, see our latest features

LED Control

Show off neo in a rack, but turn off all it's LEDs when your watching something

Sky+ HD Support

UK customers get built in support Sky+, allowing advanced parental control and ease of use

Cloud Management

Manage neo from anywhere, fix problems remotely, save costly site visits

3 Year Warranty

As standard, extended warranties available.