Pulse-Eight Contributor License Agreement

For certain free and commercial software projects managed by Pulse-Eight, we ask contributors to send us a contributor licence agreement form by email. This agreement establishes a relationship between us and the contributor, gives details on what it means when the contributor grants permission for their work to be included in a project, and enables us to be better stewards of these projects.

With the contributor agreement chosen by Pulse-Eight, the contributor gives Pulse-Eight a licence to use their contributions. The contributor continues to own the copyright in the contribution, with full rights to re-use, re-distribute, and continue modifying the contributed code, allowing them to also share that contribution with other projects.

We've tried to keep the agreement as simple and comprehensible as possible. It comes in two flavors, one for individual contributors and one for entities (companies, foundations, or other organizations).

If you are making a contribution that is not your work (for example, a patch or library written by someone else), please contact us for guidance on whether any additional steps are needed.

How to submit it by email:

  1. Fill in your name and contact information on the agreement document and sign it.
  2. Scan the document and send it in an email to [email protected]

We will reply and confirm we are happy with your document, after which we are happy to accept your contributions if we feel they are beneficial to the project.

If you have any further questions, you can email us but please check our Frequently Asked Questions first.