How far we've come

APRIL 2022

A look at the progress of Pulse-Eight

You may not be aware, but Pulse-Eight’s inception began in the spare bedroom of our CEO Martin Ellis’ house in Peterborough in 2011. He called this room his ‘Start-Up Engineering Home Lab’, an innovative way of describing such a humble location and indicative of what was to come from Mr. Ellis. Armed with revolutionary ideas and a colourful background in coding and engineering, Martin has now grown that ‘Lab’ into an Industry-Leading, globally recognised company and brand. 

In 12 years, Pulse-Eight has grown from 1 to over 50 employees and plans to expand its workforce to 100 members in the next year. 

The latest expansion saw Pulse-Eight grow its headquarters on the sunny South-West coast to an additional location last year in order to facilitate its ever-expanding production floor. Coupled with locations across Malaysia and US the company has definitely made its footprint. 

Not only has Pulse-Eight grown in size with regards to its staff and locations, it has also grown its product portfolio exponentially. Pulse-Eight’s first ever in-house designed product launched was the USB-CEC adapter that went on to become critically acclaimed. Now, in 2022, Pulse-Eight designs, manufactures and sells over 70 products globally. From Video and Audio matrices to extenders, receivers, transmitters and splitters to accessories, Pulse-Eight does it all. 

Its latest venture, AV over IP, which has been in the works since 2019 with a multi-million investment will be launched later this year. This latest solution will open up an entirely new and exciting market to Pulse-Eight, the commercial space. 

We, at Pulse-Eight are proud of where we’ve come from and we’re so excited to see where the company will be in the next few years. We wanted to take the time out to let you know, our biggest supporters, that we appreciate your business and look forward to what existing and future relationships hold for us all going forward.