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Pulse-Eight USB - HDMI-CEC Adapter

Ditch the extra remotes

Tired of having multiple remotes in the living room? How about just using one for everything with no setup required?

How does it work?

All modern TVs support HDMI-CEC a technology that allows devices to talk with each other over the HDMI cable, using this feature this adapter will send and receive remote key presses to XBMC or MythTV or Windows Media Centre or any other app that supports libCEC on your PC

Simple Installation

Our adapter connects between the HTPC and the TV and will wake your PC from standby when you browse to the device in your TV device list and then carry on using that same remote to operate your HTPC. No line of sight needed!

Manufacturer: Pulse-Eight


  • HTPC connected directly to the TV

    In this simple scenario connect the USB - HDMI-CEC Adapter directly between the TV and HTPC, switch on your TV and push the 'sources' button on your TV remote, your HTPC should be listed and when you select it your HTPC will start or if it is already on switch to the HTPC

    Once your favourite media centre software is running, simply use your TV remote to browse, play, pause or fast forward through the content of your choice.

  • HTPC connected to AVR (Amplifier Video Receiver) and then into a TV

    *With or without other devices connected to the AVR or TV also, TV must support CEC

    Very similar to above, simply connect the USB - HDMI-CEC Adapter directly between the HTPC and AVR, switch on your TV and push the 'sources' button on your TV remote, your HTPC and AVR should switch on automatically and use your HTPC as normal with your TV remote control.

What else?!

If your TV is off, when you turn your HTPC on manually, your TV (and optionally AVR) will turn on automatically, truely one touch operation.

Some media centre software such as XBMC will automatically turn off the TV instead of displaying a screensaver (if you wish), also when you change the volume in the media centre if an AVR is connected, that volume is changed instead.


Not every key on your TV remote can be sent to your HTPC, some key's on your TV remote also might not make sense with how you currently use your HTPC, each key can be rebound in supported media centre packages via easy to use configuration files.


We provide lifetime support for all of our products with a lifetime warranty on this product* You can email us or send us a message on IRC for real time support.

If you find a TV or AVR that is incompatible with our device but does support HDMI-CEC we will guarentee to provide a software update for you to make it work.

*Excludes accessory cables

See it in action:

User installation

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