Customer Service

MAY 2022
HDBaseT Deep Dive

Due to the unprecedented growth in the business across all regions throughout the past 12 months, Pulse-Eight, who famously designs and manufactures its own products, has been offering round-the-clock support and growing our customer service team.

In March 2021, Pulse-Eight was pleased to announce, with regards to its Customer Service and Technical Support Centre, the introduction of a 24-hour day, Monday to Friday.

Additionally, we’ve grown the team by 6 members to meet the demands of our growing customer base.

Newly appointed Customer Service Manager, Habib Mohammed comments “As Pulse-Eight grows year on year, it’s especially important to have 24/5 customer service and tech support to ensure that every single customer is able to get through to us at any time during the working week.

Our Research and Development team in Malaysia works hand in hand with our customer service team, based in the same location as well as UK and USA, to ensure we’ve always got the best support available to you.”